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Bob Tisdale pisses on leg, claims it’s raining

Global warming deniers really hate the fact that a proper comparison of computer model projections to observations does not show that “models fail.” But they love faulty comparisons.

Sea Level Rises … Tisdale Falls

A reader asked whether we might take a look at a recent post by Bob Tisdale on WUWT. Let’s do that, shall we? Incidentally, Tisdale has since created another post on WUWT on the same subject, which is: a paper … Continue reading

Tisdale Fumbles, Pielke Cheers

Bob Tisdale has done it again. The guy who thinks that “eyeballing” the correct lag and scale factor for fitting time series is better than multiple regression now comments on variability in climate models, not using climate models but using … Continue reading

Candy from a Baby

A new paper by Lewis and Karoly (2013, GRL, doi: 10.1002/grl.50673) concludes that man-made global warming has increased the odds of hot summer weather such as Australia suffered recently. The paper states, “The human contribution to the increased odds of … Continue reading

He knows not what he’s doing

Really. Truly, he doesn’t know. He hasn’t got a clue. As usual, he doesn’t even suspect that he doesn’t have a clue. When he finds out about it — which he probably will, because one of you will comment about … Continue reading

Sea Level Rise along the Atlantic Coast of North America north of Cape Hatteras

One of those commenting on the paper by Shepard et al. in the journal Natural Hazards was Albert Parker. Rather than dissect his comment on Shepard et al., let’s take a look at another paper he recently published in that … Continue reading

Hotspot Data

In the last post we discussed the “Northeast hotspot.” It’s a region of the Atlantic coast of North America where sea level rise has accelerated in recent decades, identified by Sallenger et al.

Five Years

We’ve often looked at some of the tricks deniers use to make global warming seem nonexistent. But perhaps the most common of all is to focus on the noise rather than the signal in data. And perhaps their favorite way … Continue reading

Favorite Denier Tricks, or How to Hide the Incline

WUWT has a post by Bob Tisdale, based on one of Tisdale’s own posts. The theme is that ocean heat content (OHC) hasn’t risen as fast as GISS model projections. Watts even says “we have a GISS miss by a … Continue reading


I regularly get comments claiming that ocean cycles are the cause of global warming. They couldn’t be more wrong.