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Divergence between Bob Tisdale and Proper Analysis

Bob Tisdale has a new post at WUWT about a supposed “divergence” between temperature at Earth’s surface and in the lower troposphere.

Fundamental Differences between Bob Tisdale and Reality

I guess Bob Tisdale didn’t like my pointing out that when revision goes his way he heaps praise on it, when it goes the opposite way he denegrates it. In an attempt to save face he has posted about what … Continue reading

Bob Tisdale pisses on leg, claims it’s raining

Global warming deniers really hate the fact that a proper comparison of computer model projections to observations does not show that “models fail.” But they love faulty comparisons.

Sea Level Rises … Tisdale Falls

A reader asked whether we might take a look at a recent post by Bob Tisdale on WUWT. Let’s do that, shall we? Incidentally, Tisdale has since created another post on WUWT on the same subject, which is: a paper … Continue reading

Tisdale Fumbles, Pielke Cheers

Bob Tisdale has done it again. The guy who thinks that “eyeballing” the correct lag and scale factor for fitting time series is better than multiple regression now comments on variability in climate models, not using climate models but using … Continue reading

Repeating Bullshit

Question: How does a dumb claim go from just a dumb claim, to accepted canon by the climate change denialati? Answer: Repetition. Yes, keep repeating it. If it’s contradicted by evidence, ignore that or insult that. Repeat it again. If … Continue reading

Extreme Cherry Ice

Over at WUWT someone posted a comment on Bob Tisdale’s post (see my post about that) drawing attention to my removal of the influences of el Niño, volcanic aerosols, and solar fluctuations from the temperature record. This didn’t sit well … Continue reading

February 2016 Global Surface Temperature Anomalies Were Highest on Record, According to the UKMO

But Bob Tisdale would rather not believe it. He’s posted at WUWT his reason for believing it may well have been January 2007 instead. “The Bob” is always good for a laugh.

The Bob

Bob Tisdale is rapidly becoming, for me, what Donald Trump is for John Stewart.

New GISS data

NASA GISS has released their data for temperature through June of 2015. Prior to now, they have used ERSSTv3b (extended reconstructed sea surface temperature version 3b) for sea surface temperature, but they have now switched to the revised, updated ERSSTv4 … Continue reading