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How to Lose Control of an Epidemic (like COVID-19)

How do you control an epidemic? In that context, let me discuss the SIR model of disease and demonstrate it in action. It’s the one that gives rise to those curves we’ve seen so many of, the ones that we’re trying to flatten.

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Black Lives Matter: Important Speech

Worth listening to. Closely.

Step 1: Trump has got to go

For over a decade I’ve blogged about the need to deal with the climate crisis. I certainly don’t know all the answers, I know it will be immensely difficult, largely because so far, we’ve bungled the job terribly.

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Trump Makes War on America


This is why

Where’s Waldo? (COVID-19 edition)

Through 2020-May-05.

COVID-19 Update: 2020-May-02


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Keep Lockdown, because YOU ARE SAVING LIVES

The news lately includes talk of the USA reaching a “plateau” in the spread of COVID-19. It’s based on incomplete and imperfect data (as has been pointed out by many), but the daily death toll is probably the best indicator and it has definitely stopped rising like it was during late March and early April:

The reason: preventive measures like social distancing, masks, handwashing, lockdown, staying home, all the things people have been doing to protect themselves and others. Those things are working. Without those measures, the death toll would have kept rising and today, it would be horrific.

So: congratulate yourselves. YOU ARE SAVING LIVES.

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Keep Lockdown

It’s interesting to look at the map of COVID-19 cases by state:

The bigger the red circle, the higher that state’s number of new COVID-19 cases per day per million population.

Downward-pointing blue triangle: rate is falling (congratulations, New Jersey).

Upward-pointing black triangle: rate is rising (watch out, Iowa and Nebraska).

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Coronavirus in Your State

Many have seen the graph of total deaths in the U.S. from coronavirus:

Also worth knowing is the daily mortality, the number who die each day:

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