Hurricane Harvey Hurts Texas

There’s a lot to be said about the relationship between the damage from Hurricane Harvey and climate change. But that can wait.

People are hurting. People are afraid. People have died.

So I’m urging readers to donate — everything helps, even a little bit — to charities which will help now. The American Red Cross is one possibility. There are many others, and with a little bit of research you might find one that’s equally or more effective, and more in need. Do be careful, you don’t want your donation to go to something that isn’t really going to do the job we need.

Set aside politics, put scientific arguments on the shelf. There’ll be plenty of time for that later. Right now, people need help.


Ich Bin Schwarz

On June 26, 1963, President Kennedy spoke in West Berlin to an audience of nearly half a million, and showed his support for their hopes to preserve freedom in spite of being surrounded by the communist empire, by declaring “Ich bin ein Berliner” — I am a Berliner.

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Understanding Sea Level Rise

Sea level rise is complicated. But some people think its future course is oh so simple, and the recent visit by a certain Mr. Wakefield showed just how determined he is to stick with what I call the “simpleton’s view.”

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A Few Other Stations

Mr. Wakefield doesn’t seem to like the tide gauge data from Boston, since it so easily shows how wrong he was about “NO acceleration.” He wants me to “do a few other stations, like in Australia and Brest, France.

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Sea Level Rise has Accelerated

There seems to be some interest in global sea level as estimated by tide gauges. In particular, we have recently been directed to a graph of the data from Church & White, which is the most reputable of the available choices. Alas, the graph we were directed to only shows their data up to the end of 1992. What, you may wonder, happens after that?

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Boston Sea Level

How one plots the data can have a big impact on whether or not one can “see” acceleration or deceleration of sea level in tide gauge data. Here, for instance, is a plot of sea level at Boston (data from PSMSL, and I’ve removed the annual cycle):

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Does Willis Eschenbach have Any Honor?

Let’s find out.

He wrote a new post at WUWT claiming this about James Hansen’s 1988 prediction of the course of temperature change over the following 30 years:

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