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Global Warming: Told You So

Thirty years ago James Hansen testified in congress that man-made climate change (a.k.a. global warming) was underway. He forecast that the world would get hotter.

What happened since? The world got hotter.

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Global Warming: When Judith Curry makes a claim, check for yourself

Climate models do an excellent job reproducing how Earth’s temperature has changed over the last century and more. But when Judith Curry gives one of her interesting presentations, she seems determined to imply that they don’t.

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Sea Ice: the Truth, the Bad, and the Ugly

One of the clearest signs of global warming is the disappearance of sea ice in polar regions, so dramatic that people actually take notice — and not just the people who live in the Arctic.

Climate deniers don’t want you to know that, so they say the opposite of what’s true, and when they show you some graph (hard to avoid that these days) they show it in the most deceptive way possible.

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Global Warming *** New Rules ***

NEW RULE: Adults need to stop catering to whiny babies.

At the recent G7 conference, responsible world leaders from major economies got even more serious about climate change. Funny how adults want to protect their kids, and everybody else’s kids too. But not Donald Trump; petulant children don’t care about anything but themselves, and it’s useless to try reason — especially when their level of sophistication can’t even match PeeWee. Or pee.

When a baby throws a tantrum, too many adults respond by giving it the attention it craves. What it needs is a spanking.

… Or does Trump love a good spanking with his golden showers?

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Top 10 Tricks Climate Deniers don’t want you to know (#3 will shock you!)

The headline of this post is the kind that might make my regular readers (a thoughtful and intelligent crowd if ever there was one) feel superior to the great unwashed and uneducated who are suckered by such nonsense; we’ve all seen similar click-bait beckoning us, beguiling us to peek at the peep-show of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction or inflaming our most self-righteous indignation with a deep-state expose revealed by Hillary’s emails and Obama’s birth certificate. You might despair for my descent into headline hell; it’s not my style … Or is it?

I might be closer to the “clicky and sticky” approach to communication than you, or I, quite expect, when at my best. The power of making your message so catchy, so inspiring or infuriating or funny and mostly unforgettable, is the theme of Joe Romm’s latest book: How to Go Viral and Reach Millions.

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Climate Deniers: Sinking Fast

When it comes to sea level rise, climate deniers are desperate.

It’s so obviously happening that denying its reality is a loser. It’s so obviously costly already (half a billion dollars in Miami) that trying to deny that will only prove that they’re not interested in reality. Sea level rise has gotten so out of hand, even climate deniers are worried about it (but for all the wrong reasons).

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Sea Level Rise: Denial by Bullshit

Sea level rise is such a huge problem, and is so undeniable, that climate deniers have gone loony trying to blame it on anything and everyting but global warming. It’s not working; the recent idiocy from congressman Mo Brooks trying to blame sea level rise on rocks and dirt filling the oceans didn’t increase doubt about human cause like he hoped, rather it raised extreme doubt about his competence. He, and his idea, quickly became a laughingstock. Others have been ridiculed for similarly ridiculout ideas. Now Roy Spencer has joined the crowd with something almost as dumb as rocks.

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