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Sea Level Acceleration

A regular big lie from climate deniers, in fact a huge lie from climate deniers, is when they deny that there’s been acceleration of sea level rise. Sea level acceleration is a fact.

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Fake Time

Over at the WUWT blog, Philip Lloyd objects to the fact that temperature data for Capetown, South Africa have been homogenized. He objects to being unable to find documentation for the homogenization, but when it comes to providing actual evidence for his own claims (about things being hotter in the 1930s), he has none but vague speculation.

But what’s really funny, truly hilarious, an absolute scream in fact, is that, to demonstrate his claim that the 1970s “were indeed cold,” he offers … covers from Time Magazine. I wasn’t aware that Time Magazine was a scientific journal. But most interesting is that one of the covers is this one:


This Time Magazine cover, an integral part of Philip Lloyd’s “evidence,” and truly representative of the level of “scholarship” at the WUWT blog, is a fake. Yes, it’s a fake.

Says who, you wonder? Says to Time Magazine, that’s who.

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Big Lies about Climate Change

One of the never-ending tactics of climate deniers is to tell the big lie. Another is to say something that is technically true in the most limited sense, but is so misleading, so irrelevant, that it’s tantamount to a lie. And a big one.

One of the biggest and most common, a favorite of politicians who want to avoid the issue, is: Climate is always changing.

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U.S. Temperature: Anthony Watts plays “hide the incline”

There’s been quite a bit of publicity about planet Earth hitting its hottest yearly average temperature on record — for the third year in a row. The New York Times ran the story on page 1:


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The Pause that Never Happened

As part of an ongoing comedy routine, David Whitehouse of GWPF (Global Warming Policy Forum) now claims that the “pause” in global warming — the one that never happened — actually never went away. The funniest part is how lame his arguments are.

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Merchants of Doubt

Global Temperature: the Big 3

The title is a bit of a pun, since it refers to both the “big 3” global temperature data sets — NASA, NOAA, and HadCRUT4 — it also refers to the third year in a row global temperature has set a new record.


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