Daily Archives: January 28, 2017

Fake Time

Over at the WUWT blog, Philip Lloyd objects to the fact that temperature data for Capetown, South Africa have been homogenized. He objects to being unable to find documentation for the homogenization, but when it comes to providing actual evidence for his own claims (about things being hotter in the 1930s), he has none but vague speculation.

But what’s really funny, truly hilarious, an absolute scream in fact, is that, to demonstrate his claim that the 1970s “were indeed cold,” he offers … covers from Time Magazine. I wasn’t aware that Time Magazine was a scientific journal. But most interesting is that one of the covers is this one:


This Time Magazine cover, an integral part of Philip Lloyd’s “evidence,” and truly representative of the level of “scholarship” at the WUWT blog, is a fake. Yes, it’s a fake.

Says who, you wonder? Says to Time Magazine, that’s who.

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