Merchants of Doubt

3 responses to “Merchants of Doubt

  1. Speaking of strategies, how about these guys?

    We must petition the government collectively and individual. Often, with logic and passion, far beyond the point where it seems futile, boring, tedious and useless. And we must make sure that there is a record of this activity, because they won’t listen.

    But we need the record to prove that they didn’t listen.

    That’s because the second legal avenue of resistance to the evil and self-destructive policies that the government is going to impose on the United States (and the world, really) is the legal system. President Obama’s climate initiatives were opposed by state attorneys-general; we must make sure that the same is true of every bad action taken by Congress or the Administration.

    That means that we need lawyers and money, and we need them in quantity. That, in turn, means that we need organization. Now, I started researching this about 20 minutes ago, so I can’t really endorse per se. But there’s a serious need here, so let’s look around, consider and talk about who is doing what, where, how, and why.

    At this point, it really is a survival issue.

  2. Just called my Federal Rep & Senators, in what will be a near-daily ritual.

    Numbers and other contact options available at &