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Australia: Choose your Future

In recent posts I’ve featured graphs of the average daily high temperature in Australia during summer. Here’s one of temperature throughout the entire year; black dots show each year’s average, while the red line with pink shading around it shows an estimate of the trend and its uncertainty range (just an estimate, mind you, but it’s based on math, not on “looks like”)

The trend line emphasizes two things Australians need to know:

  • 1: The trend is going up — overall, Australia is hotter than it used to be and getting hotter.
  • 2: Temperature doesn’t just follow the trend. In addition to its “overall” pattern it also fluctuates, incessantly.

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  • TREND Australia TREND summer TREND temperature TREND

    Some people have wondered about the trend in Australia’s summertime daily high temperatures.

    The last post discussed Australia’s hottest summer (the latest) and Jennifer Marohasy’s attempt to pervert the truth. But I didn’t talk about the trend, which must have surprised regular readers because I tend to emphasize that. A lot. I did show this graph:

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    Bushfire and Homophobia

    One of the things making wildfire/bushfire worse, contributing to the current conflagration in Australia, is the increase of daily high temperatures. It increases the Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD), the difference between how much water vapor the air can hold and how much it does hold. When VPD is high, it can suck the moisture right out of potential fuels big and small, which increases the frequency and severity of fire dramatically.

    The data are clear, that for daily high temperature last year (2019) was the hottest on record for Australia:

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    Trend: Pat Michaels and Ryan Maue ride the crazy train

    A reader asked that I estimate the trend in the JRA-55 data for global temperature, because it is touted by climate deniers Patrick Michaels and Ryan Maue. Let’s have a look. Here’s the data:

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    Precipitation Trend in New South Wales

    Comments on the last post speculated that rainfall in Australia might show a trend if one looked at smaller regions than the entire continent. In particular, some wondered about the history of precipitation in New South Wales (NSW, one of the areas hardest hit by bushfires), and one reader was kind enough to point to data from Australia’s BoM (Bureau of Meteorology), featuring this map of the trends in rainfall since 1970 throughout NSW:

    Almost every part of the state shows a declining trend. But how significant is the trend?

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    The bushfire season in Australia has been horrific. More horrific than any before. Axios offers a glimpse of what people are going through, while Metro reports that it has affected wildlife too — wildfires killing almost half a billion animals. Yes, I said billion.

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    The West Burns and the East Drowns … so it averages out, right?

    Willis Eschenbach is wrong on both counts when he announces at the WUWT blog that “… according to NOAA, there’s been no increase in either droughts or wet periods in the US since 1895 …”

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