Climate Change: Important Video

You can also view the video here.

7 responses to “Climate Change: Important Video

  1. Very powerful. I’ve forwarded links to all my relations.

  2. Except for getting the year of the Cuban Missile Crisis wrong (1962 instead of 1961) it was an excellent video and should be passed around extensively. Thanks much for providing it!

  3. good video

    and he makes the point I have been making for a long time

    and it is the ridiculous “save the planet” meme

    and that is not to diminish conservation etc, I just object to the sloppy phraseology

    as he correctly points out the planet will be fine

    nature bats last after all

  4. A great talk. I like the way he actually spends almost all his time just outlining the history of corporate denial – so that we can recognise the current bout for what it is.

  5. Really nice.

  6. Yes, very good but the problem is that only those who really accept (who really accept) the science will think this is a great talk. Those who don’t accept (or don’t want to accept) the science, are probably in the majority (which is why no significant action has been taken in 30 years) and won’t be made angry by the talk. I’m not talking about opinion polls but about accepting real change in our lives. This is a slow burn problem, at the moment, so people always think there will be time to do something if it looks like it’s going to get really bad.