New Global Warming Video: Ignoring Evidence

You can view it here, and you can view it below.

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8 responses to “New Global Warming Video: Ignoring Evidence

  1. Sheldon Walker

    Hi Tamino,

    Sorry, I wasn’t sure where to send this, because it is pointless putting it on the bottom of a long thread.


    [Response: Where the hell do you get off? Your comment is about another thread, that’s where it belongs, but that discussion isn’t good enough for you, you want more high-profile exposure, so you consider yourself entitled to *hijack* this thread by putting it at the top? Such arrogance is disgusting.]

  2. Amazingly good. Covers all the main points, yet succinct and to the point.

  3. We’re missing the point. Men is not logic critter, so the appeal to logic is not enough. The number of scientific publications on climate change is more then a person can read in lifetime, and 50% of Americans voted for Trump.

  4. Eyal–
    More Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than voted for Donald Trump, by at least 1.8 million.

  5. Eyal, fewer than 20% of American’s voted for Trump. Less than half of the people who voted for president voted for Trump. Let those facts be some comfort…

  6. The Cruz hearing was a bizarre kangaroo court. The title of the hearing, “Data or Dogma? Promoting Open Inquiry in the Debate over the Magnitude of Human Impact on Earth’s Climate,” showed where the hearing was going to go. One of his “expert” was a right-wing talk-show host from Toronto, The usual UAH guy was present. The cherry picking that you describe in your video was the highlight. Cruz was pretending to argue like a scientist, but he argued like a defense lawyer, picking something out of the evidence to challenge the legal standard of beyond a reasonable doubt instead of the scientific standard of preponderance of evidence. Rear Admiral Titley (Ret) used to have doubts about global-warming claims, but then he did his homework. Maybe Cruz missed that part. Titley’s presentation was strong dose of reality for an otherwise rigged hearing. Cruz ignored it.

  7. We’ve seen exactly the same thing in court cases and “debates” involving evolution–people arguing like lawyers in the belief that rhetoric trumps science. This situation points out the need for greatly improved education of citizens so they do not simply swallow politicians’ BS (and for this I applaud Tamino’s decision to work toward this end).

  8. @-Tamino
    This is intended as a private message, but can be posted if you wish.

    I sympathise with your obvious frustration with the president situation.
    And admire your response in increasing your efforts to spread accurate information.

    I have tried to make videos myself about a year+ ago. However I do not have your inside knowledge or graphing skills and they were an attempt to teach myself motion graphics cgi and video editing as much as anything else.

    If you have a look at the climate animations at my blog –
    You will see that I am probably not offering the production values you want! However I am quite good at copying styles/forms. When I used to do music I would claim to be no composer but able to arrange…

    If you have a production style or form of presentation you adimre I would be interested in trying to help you achieve it. I think your graph style is clear clean and elegant and needs no improvement. But perhaps if you permit I could try a ‘remix’ of your first video and see if there is anything I can contribute?

    I suspect that younger, local enthusiasts may be a better source for a catchy youtube style and identity. But if there is anything you think I may be able to help with please contact me via the blog or youtube channel.


    [Response: Thanks for the offer. If I can’t find folks in my neighborhood, I’ll keep it in mind.

    In the meantime, I encourage you to make videos yourself. More is better … if you reach a few, and I reach a few, and others do the same, the net effect can be considerable. And you don’t have to get into the deep science, human stories are a powerful motivator. Speak from the heart, you may touch other hearts.

    In fact, for EVERYBODY reading, I encourage you all to step up your efforts. You don’t have to make videos or produce educational materials, but YOU (all of you) can talk to people, you can write letters to the editor of the local paper, you can look for a grass-roots group in *your* neighborhood.

    Nobody has to, or can, do it all — but every bit you do will get us closer to the goal. The time is now.]