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New Global Warming Video: Trend and Fluctuation

I’ve posted another YouTube video about global warming. I think it’s better paced, and I’ve improved the quality of the video. I’m still learning of course, but I think I’m getting better at this.

And I think this is very important. You already know I regard the issue as important. I also agree with Neil deGrasse Tyson, that if we want a better government (everywhere, not just in the U.S.) we need a better-educated voting public. That’s why I’m working hard to give both readers and viewers the tools that will help them understand the choices we face and the consequences.

You can view it here, and you can view it below.

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Testing for Change

We got another comment from Sheldon Walker, in which he insists that there is a statistically significant slowdown in global temperature, using annual averages from NASA, starting in 2002 and ending in 2013. He provides numbers. You can read his comment here.

Sheldon is mistaken. But I’ll give him credit for this: rather than call us “warmistas” and retreating to the safety of WUWT, he came here (the “lion’s den” for climate denial) and made his case using actual numbers. And he did so in the face of, well, not “blistering” attack, but certainly not an open-armed welcome. Show some respect.

Furthermore, the mistakes he makes aren’t obvious. In fact, professionals make them, even in the context of global warming, even professionals who are not deniers. So, let’s see whether we can convince Sheldon Walker that he’s mistaken … using math.

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