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Global Warming Basics on YouTube

I’ve started a new YouTube channel about Global Warming Basics. The first video is here:

Global Warming: Loading the Dice

If you’re willing, please watch it on YouTube (to increase the channel’s stats). Thanks! You can also watch it right here:

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Mediterranean Desert

A new paper in Science bears the innocuous title Climate change: The 2015 Paris Agreement thresholds and Mediterranean basin ecosystems [Guiot & Cramer, Science, 354(6311), 465-468, DOI:10.1126/science.aah5015], but comes to the disturbing conclusion that if the world exceeds the 1.5°C threshold, much of the Mediterranean region will not be able to sustain the ecosystem in which it has thrived for 10,000 years. In particular, it may suffer from reduced rainfall and see now-fertile land turn into extensive desert.

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