Trump’s Wall

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  1. The POTUS has slid from being a “Law and Order” President to a “Flaw and Border” President.

    Here’s a very succinct and graphical way to encapsulate the POTUS:

  2. Oh, the so-called president is all about law and order, all right: using (and very often abusing) the law to advance an ‘order’ in which rich white male elites utterly dominate everybody else. (And, of course, in which he personally dominates those elites.)

  3. Andrew Haines

    “Flaw and Border” President seems rather apt SoundEagle

    The Lincoln Project makes me think there is some hope yet for The Republicans. At least some of them value truth and their country over selfish personal interests

    We can also hope that a Blue Wave does happen at the forthcoming elections, And that Biden then has the power and desire to rapidly implement significant action on Climate Change

    • Andrew Haines

      Just came across this online news. It sounds like Biden might be on the right track. Any comments Tamino? Hopefully the article is accurate. If posting about the Donald gets too depressing there might be some positive posts about what Biden proposes?

    • Do not mistake the enemy of your enemy for a true friend. At the very least, the Lincoln Project does not realize that Donald J. Trump is the inevitable outcome for a party that promotes the interests of a tiny minority over those of the great majority. A minoritarian party cannot win without allying itself with single-issue notjobs and unrelenting suppression of the will (and votes) of the majority. When their single policy of more tax cuts fails to sway more voters to their side, they have no choice but to resort to calumny and conspiracy theories regarding the other side. And then the ongoing criminal conspiracy expresses shock when a crime boss steps in and takes control.

      • Philippe Chantreau

        Right on Snarkrates.

      • Billy Pilgrim

        Dissing The Lincoln Project?
        True friend or not, we should be grateful for what they are doing right now.

      • Oh, I’ll gladly ally with anyone who fights against the putrid, orange fascist wannabe in the Whitehouse. I’m just saying that this is an alliance that can only go so far as long as our allies don’t recognize that Darth Cheeto is an inevitable outcome if you run your political party like a criminal enterprise.

  4. Susan Anderson

    Another Lincoln Project – a bit offside, but still …

    • Billy Pilgrim


      I think the Republicans who’ve stood up to Trump, people like George Conway and Mitt Romney, should get a free pass going forward. They are heroes in my book, and that won’t change even if I end up disagreeing with their politics in other respects (likely to be the case).

      • Billy Pilgrim,
        The problem with the Lincoln Project Republicans is that they don’t see that Darth Cheeto is the inevitable outcome when you have a minoritarian party that can only win elections by allying itself with increasingly loony fringe interests–beginning with Nixon’s Southern strategy, moving through the embrace of the Religious Right and culminating in the orange shitgibbon’s full-on white supremacy putsch. I welcome the efforts of the Lincoln Republicans, but it doesn’t change the fact that their positions on climate, the role of science and data, income inequality, racial justice, bodily autonomy, LGBTQ rights and a range of other issues are wrong if we want the US to be a successful, modern economy that plays well with the rest of the world. I look forward to a day when we can once again engage with them on these policy differences and kick their pasty, white asses, rather than dealing with a malignant narcissist with access to the nuclear codes and a private army of thugs at his disposal.

      • “Heroes?” What a laugh. People taking ‘impact rounds’, tear gas, beatings, and now risking unlawful detention–not to mention Covid–have a much better claim to that title.

  5. Billy Pilgrim


    In an earlier post, Jim Eager wrote,
    “George, as Tamino said, as long as Trump has been in office less than zero progress has been made on addressing climate change, meaning the US hasn’t just stood still, it has actually moved backwards. And that will continue until Trump is removed from office. In other words, like it or not the fact is focusing on getting rid of Trump *is* focusing on moving forward on addressing climate change.”

    So, if the efforts of the Lincoln Republicans help us get rid of Darth Cheeto, they will have done a great service in fighting climate change. This is true regardless of their positions on the issue. Same goes for the other important issues you brought up.

    • I agree that if the so-called president goes, they will have done a service. Just how “great” it is is debatable, I think. Their efforts surely can’t hurt, but how much do they help, considering everything else–such as the totally shanked Federal response to the pandemic? Let’s not go overboard here.

    • Billy Pilgrim, Oh yes. If the Lincoln Rethugs and Never Trumpers succeed in shitcanning the Orange atrocity, they will have done a great service to the country and the world. That does not make them our friends or even our allies. One could argue that Dubya was nearly as damaging to the country as the orange shitgibbon, and they were fine with his fiscal irresponsibility, pointless bellicosity, advocacy of torture, worsening of income inequality, rejection of science and attacks on democracy. Frankly, I think we need higher standards than “not as terrible.”

  6. Billy Pilgrim

    yeah, I tend to get carried away. You would make a good editor.

    • Billy Pilgrim

      “the orange shitgibbon”

      You win. I can’t laugh and argue at the same time. Plus, I agree with you about Dubya.

    • Thanks–I think! On the one hand, “editor” is no writer’s favorite occupation.

      On the other hand, it’s a hard job, wins few plaudits, and makes the lives of countless innocent readers better. In a very tangential sort of way, it reminds me of the saying that “They also wait who stand and serve.” ;-)