Global Warning

A story in the Washington Post highlights the fact that scientists have been warning us about man-made climate change for a long time.

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Global Temperature Update

NASA has released their estimate for global temperature this May of 2016. It came in at 0.93 °C, the hottest May on record, and the latest 12-month running mean is also the hottest on record:


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Time Series Lesson 7

It’s here. Enjoy!

Xena: Dwarf Planet Warrior Princess


In 2006 the IAU (International Astronomical Union) changed the definition of “planet.” Under their new (and still controversial) definition, Pluto is no longer a planet; it’s now a “dwarf planet.”

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Time Series Lesson 6

It’s here.

Bruno 2

Someone calling himself “Giordano Bruno” is determined to convince us sea level rise isn’t a problem, and in particular it isn’t happening at an increasing rate. He’s at it again at WUWT. I think it’s a self-flattering pseudonym for Albert/Alberto “making up stuff Parker/Boretti,” but let’s set aside his nom de plume and look at his “evidence.”

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Sea Level Comment

Reader “TLM” submitted a comment to this post about sea level rise. Let’s look at some of his (her?) statements.

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