The Rain in Maine

One of the side-effects of global warming is that warmer air can hold more water vapor. In particular, storm clouds can hold more water so they can dump more water on the land. Sometimes it’s true that “when it rains, it pours.”

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A Few Notes

Just to let readers know, I’ll be offline this weekend so if comments aren’t moderated until Monday, don’t worry.

Also, thanks to those who donated for the climate advocacy group I’m forming. I’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy a good weekend, everybody.

U.S.A. — Left Behind

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Climate Change: the Fish Notice

One of the most pernicious arguments from climate deniers is that “a few degrees” doesn’t have much of an effect. After all, if you raise the temperature of the room you’re sitting in by a “mere” 1°C (1.8°F), you might not even notice.

Nature notices. The fish notice.

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Sea Ice, North and South

Arctic sea ice has been in decline so long, and so far, that deniers have had to make up some truly ludicrous stories about it. They embarass themselves on the topic.

But for some time, they crowed about the actual increase of Antarctic sea ice. They rarely mentioned that its increase wasn’t as great as the Arctic decrease (or they outright lied and said it was). They also tended to add the Arctic and Antarctic extents together to form a global figure, because the Antarctic increase partly cancelled out the Arctic decrease, making it seem not so bad.

For now at least, they won’t be crowing.

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Supermoon Flooding

You may recall when I posted about flooding from high tide alone, even without storm surge or rainfall. It’s because of sea level rise. No doubt. It’s getting worse. No doubt.

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Global Temperature Update

NASA has just released their latest global temperature update (the latest value is shown in red):


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