Sharing on social media

With the help of a couple of friends, I found out how to put “sharing” buttons on posts, so you can easily share them on FaceBook and Twitter.


State of the Climate

NASA has released their global average temperature update for the month of November. It’s hot



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The world has been getting hotter:


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Arctic Report Card


It’s easy to become despondent when Donald Trump fills the U.S. government with the worst possible choices, not just for climate change but for all Americans.

But today I got a dose of hope, from a source I least expected: Teen Vogue.

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Climate Denier David Does It Again

Evidently David Rose can’t help himself. He just keeps it coming (scroll down to see his bit about “Now SECOND set of data …”).

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Gather ye climate data while ye may

President-elect Donald Trump has appointed a host of the worst imaginable climate deniers to positions of authority in his administration. He seems determined to put them in control, and they seem determined to stop all U.S. action to help with the climate crisis. They may also work actively, not just to deny climate truth, but to cripple the world’s ability even to know what’s going on.

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