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California Wildfire Denial

Roy Spencer has joined the chorus of those denying the link between climate change and California’s wildfire crisis. But rather than share scientific insight, Spencer inflicts on us his brand of superficial, crude thinking through his inevitable confirmation bias, which, … Continue reading


Western Wildfire: Climate Change is Serious Business

Over the last few years we’ve heard story after story about massive wildfires in the western USA which threatened thousands of homes and lives and cost people billions of dollars. California seemed especially hard hit, especially last year. For me, … Continue reading

Temperature, Rainfall, and California Wildfire

We regularly hear opinions from pundits who are very good at making nonsense sound plausible, even clever. It’s still nonsense of course, but with the right window dressing it looks very sharp indeed. Such are those claiming that the increase … Continue reading

Year of Wildfires

As bad as it has been, it’s going to get worse.

California Wildfires

With the devastating wildfires terrorizing California, climate deniers are doing everything they can to try to persuade people that it’s no big deal, and even the big deals have nothing to do with man-made climate change. To believe them, you … Continue reading

Spreading like Wildfire

Twice we’ve examined the fakery from George Will about the danger of wildfire in the U.S. and its relation to global warming. It’s hard to imagine being more ignorant about this issue than George Will. Or, is he simply willing … Continue reading

3 Graphs

Earth is heating up.

COVID-19: Back to School?

One of the first states hit by COVID-19 (some would say, the first) was Washington. It, along with California and New York, formed the epicenter, the focus of the initial invasion of the deadly virus. But Washington state did a … Continue reading

Stupidest Climate Denier Comment Ever?

… came from Eric Worrall at the WUWT blog. He objects to claims that wilfire/bushfire will become worse in the future, even horrific. He objects that there’s just not enough trees to burn! To quote him exactly: “Not only would … Continue reading

Bushfire and Homophobia

One of the things making wildfire/bushfire worse, contributing to the current conflagration in Australia, is the increase of daily high temperatures. It increases the Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD), the difference between how much water vapor the air can hold and … Continue reading