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Why I call Anthony Watts and Willis Eschenbach “denier”

Not long ago Willis Eschenbach did a post at WUWT about USCRN, the U.S. Climate Reference Network. It’s the best collection of quality-controlled, properly sited, state-of-the-art instrumentation for weather data in the U.S. Its only drawback is that it hasn’t … Continue reading

Challenge to Anthony Watts — and to myself

I’m going to try a new policy. We’ll see how it works out.

U.S. Temperature: Anthony Watts plays “hide the incline”

There’s been quite a bit of publicity about planet Earth hitting its hottest yearly average temperature on record — for the third year in a row. The New York Times ran the story on page 1:

Watts Up With That?

I recently discussed the ridiculous claims from Anthony Watts in a post at his WUWT blog, based on comments from Ryan Maue. Nonetheless, a reader seems to think he had a point. Specifically, he says this:

Anthony Watts and the Bottom of the Barrel

Not long ago Wormtail Anthony Watts published this post from — who else? — Lord Voldemort Monckton, causing Watts to claim that the premier graph shown as part of Mike Mann’s recent article in Scientific American is wrong. In particular, … Continue reading

Q: How do you Outdo Anthony Watts?

A: Add Glenn Beck. Watts has posted about a video from two of Glenn Beck’s minions, in which (it is claimed) “two guys with a ruler blow up the white house global warming video claims.” You can watch their video, … Continue reading

Fact-Checking the Cherry-Pickers: Anthony Watts Edition

Oh the irony. A post by Anthony Watts at WUWT claims to be a “fact check” about ocean heat content. Alas, Willard Tony didn’t check his “facts.”

Anthony Watts Breaks the Record

After a week of quite funny jokes, Anthony Watts has shown his real talent. In my opinion, what he’s best at is proving what an utter fake he is as a “skeptic.”

Anthony Watts: Pants on Fire

In my last post I made two predictions. The second one was this: Second: Either Anthony Watts won’t answer my question about why he’s so fond of less than 6 years’ data when we have over 30 (and that’s just … Continue reading

Message to Anthony Watts

Anthony: It has now been independenly confirmed, by multiple persons, that my results regarding the impact of station dropout on global temperature are correct. Your claims, in your document with Joe D’Aleo for the SPPI, are just plain wrong. You’ve … Continue reading