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Is the apparent recent acceleration in temperature significant?

Reader nzcpe wants to know. At the RealClimate blog, reader Robert McLachlan wants to know. So do a lot of people. According to the data from NASA, it is:

TREND Australia TREND summer TREND temperature TREND

Some people have wondered about the trend in Australia’s summertime daily high temperatures. The last post discussed Australia’s hottest summer (the latest) and Jennifer Marohasy’s attempt to pervert the truth. But I didn’t talk about the trend, which must have … Continue reading

Making “Adjustments” to Temperature Data

Anthony Watts seems proud of himself, having posted his presentation at the recent “anti-climate” conference of the “Heartland Institute.” He talks mainly about the fact that temperature data are often adjusted before including them in forming a global (or regional) … Continue reading

Global Temperature Update

Update: This post has changed to correct a mistake I made with the ERA-5 data. I keep hearing about such-and-such month being the “hottest such-and-such month on record.” October of this year, for example. For data sources like NASA and … Continue reading

Global Temperature Evolution 1950 to 2018

It’s been a while since Foster & Rahmstorf (2011) took global temperature time series and removed our best estimate of the changes due to known fluctuating factors, the el NiƱo Southern Oscillation (ENSO), aerosols from volcanic eruptions, and variations in … Continue reading

Climate Deniers Deny Temperature Itself

There’s a lot of talk these days about global temperature, in news reports, policy discussions, and casual conversation. The global temperature under discussion is surface air temperature (SAT). It’s not the depths of the ocean — even though that’s really … Continue reading

Global Temperature 2018

Some organizations which estimate global temperature change have been behind schedule because of the U.S. government shutdown. But the folks at the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project have released their figures for December’s temperature, bringing the year 2018 to a … Continue reading

Global Temperature: Why So Many Straight Lines?

Probably the most commonly used way to estimate a trend in something is a mathematical process called linear regression. Basically, it means to fit a straight line [for those who must be pedantic, a flat hyperplane if we have multiple … Continue reading

Global Temperature: Adjusting Data (Cowtan & Way)

I noticed there’s a post at Curry’s in which Frank Bosse uses my method (and my program) to adjust global temperature data for things we know cause it to fluctuate. By removing fluctuations of known origin (or at least, our … Continue reading

Temperature, Rainfall, and California Wildfire

We regularly hear opinions from pundits who are very good at making nonsense sound plausible, even clever. It’s still nonsense of course, but with the right window dressing it looks very sharp indeed. Such are those claiming that the increase … Continue reading