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A Century and More of Sea Level Acceleration

We have several estimates of global sea level based on tide gauge data, and I’d like to compare four of them. First is the best-known and probably most trusted, from Church & White, which I’ll call CW. Next is one … Continue reading

Sea Level Acceleration since the 1960s

Dangendorf et al. have made a new estimate of global sea level since the year 1900, based on data from tide gauges around the world. I’ve compared it (which I’ll call Dang) to the most trusted data set (in my … Continue reading

Sea Level Acceleration Denial

Dave Burton, you still don’t understand. You finally commented on this post, showing a graph of San Diego data and saying: As you can see, there’ve been >112 years of continuous measurements, and still no detectable acceleration. Not true. I … Continue reading

Sea Level Acceleration

Dave Burton has visited, and commented extensively on this post. He takes exception to the sea level data I used, and suggests that sea level has been rising at a steady, unchanging rate “since the late 1920s.” To quote him: … Continue reading

Sea Level Acceleration

Sea level isn’t just rising, it is accelerating. It did so during the 20th century, and has done so even more quite recently. ABC news reported the story, based on just-published research (Nerem et al. 2018), that the latest satellite … Continue reading

Sea Level Acceleration

A regular big lie from climate deniers, in fact a huge lie from climate deniers, is when they deny that there’s been acceleration of sea level rise. Sea level acceleration is a fact.

Sea Level: Gridded Average

I’ve formed a gridded composite sea level estimate and I’d like to share it. It’s quite crude, but some compensation is necessary because a simple average of stations is dominated by Europe and North America, there are so many tide … Continue reading

Sea Level: Align the Aligned

A new paper by Nauels et al. concludes that even if the U.S. stays in the Paris agreement and all nations make good on their pledges, our greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030 will be enough to guarantee at … Continue reading

Methane Acceleration

A recent paper by Nisbet et al. notes that methane (CH4) in the atmosphere isn’t just increasing, it’s accelerating; the increase has gotten faster recently. There was a time — from about 1999 until 2007 — when atmospheric methane wasn’t … Continue reading

Sea Level Rise, Sea Level Lies

Larry Hamlin has shown us all, in a post at WUWT, how warped and twisted is the thinking of those who call themselves “skeptics” about climate change, but are actually deniers.