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Global Warming’s Pretend Pause

A new paper by Risbey et al. examines the so-called “pause” in global temperature, and demonstrates convincingly that it wasn’t a real phenomenon, it was just random fluctuation that can look like a pause all along. I’ve been saying this … Continue reading

Sheldon Walker offers a “compromise” about the global warming “pause”

Sheldon Walker decided to write a post suggesting “A possible compromise on global warming slowdowns and pauses.” He even offers the conciliatory admission “So we are effectively arguing about different things. This means that we could both be right (or … Continue reading

How to FAKE a “Pause” in Global Warming

Climate deniers love to declare a “pause” in global warming. What they don’t seem to care for is finding out the truth about whether or not it’s real. When it becomes so obvious global warming hasn’t paused that claiming it’s … Continue reading

Sheldon Walker and the non-existent “pause”

Sheldon Walker seems to be desperate — desperate to believe that global warming exhibited a “slowdown” recently. His latest attempt to prop up his faulty belief is a new post at WUWT titled “Proof that the recent global warming slowdown … Continue reading

The Pause that Never Happened

As part of an ongoing comedy routine, David Whitehouse of GWPF (Global Warming Policy Forum) now claims that the “pause” in global warming — the one that never happened — actually never went away. The funniest part is how lame … Continue reading

Another “Pause” Claim

There’s a new “pause” claim, but it’s not a pause in temperature, it’s a pause in the rate of CO2 growth. Not a pause in growth, of course, but a pause in the rate of growth.

New Dataset from RSS: End of the Satellite “Pause”?

Carl Mears and team at RSS have published a new paper describing a revision of their data for atmospheric temperature. The focus is on improving the “diurnal correction,” which is necessary because different regions of Earth are observed at different … Continue reading

Desperate for a “Pause”

When it comes to temperature at Earth’s surface, with 2014 the hottest year on record and 2015 on pace to exceed even that, things are getting hot for those who deny that global warming is a danger to us all. … Continue reading

A pause or not a pause, that is the question.

UPDATE: A new post at RealClimate is very relevant, and well worth the read. One day, a new data set is released. The rumor runs rampant that it’s annual average global temperature since 1980. Climate scientist “A” states that there … Continue reading

Trend: Pat Michaels and Ryan Maue ride the crazy train

A reader asked that I estimate the trend in the JRA-55 data for global temperature, because it is touted by climate deniers Patrick Michaels and Ryan Maue. Let’s have a look. Here’s the data: