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More Mathturbation

After the last post I expected a firestorm of commentary about Donald Trump. Personally, I’m not very fond of Donald Trump. Instead, most comments since then have focused on a post by “GreenHeretic” referred to in a comment.

Mathturbation King

Nicola Scafetta has published yet another paper about his theory that the (probably tidal) influence of Jupiter and Saturn is responsible for long-term changes in solar output, and that these cycles are responsible for climate change on earth. You can … Continue reading


There seems to be a rash of trying to explain global warming by theories that either ignore, or flatly contradict, the science called “physics.”

Extreme Cherry Ice

Over at WUWT someone posted a comment on Bob Tisdale’s post (see my post about that) drawing attention to my removal of the influences of el NiƱo, volcanic aerosols, and solar fluctuations from the temperature record. This didn’t sit well … Continue reading

Strange Bedfellows

How bad was the stuff published in the now-defunct journal Pattern Recognition in Physics? So bad, that Anthony Watts and his crew are raking it over the coals. They have roundly criticized what passed for “peer review” at that journal. … Continue reading

Step 3

One of the most important lessons to learn about statistics, and not forget, is that just because your model is statistically significant, that doesn’t mean it’s right. In fact, just about all models are wrong. And some models, even some … Continue reading


Math without physics, is not physics. There’s yet another mathturbation post at WUWT. This one, by Andy Edmonds, argues that because weather is chaotic (in the mathematical sense), it’s impossible to model climate. In fact that’s the whole argument — … Continue reading

Frankly, Not

We recently pointed to another example of mathturbation brought to you by Anthony Watts, courtesy of Pat Frank (author of this travesty in E&E). A reader asked, “could someone post a paragraph or two about the specific flaws in the … Continue reading

Circle Jerk

You’ve heard of mathturbation. It has now been taken to the extreme. Who else but WUWT to make it a group effort? Ick.

Fake Forcing

Willis Eschenbach has a new post on WUWT. It’s actually a follow-up to this one, which we’ll look at in detail. In it he claims that the temperature result from the GISS modelE is just 0.3 times the forcing, i.e., … Continue reading