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Hot and Cold Curry

A post by Judith Curry discusses the “Early 20th Century Warming,” i.e. the rise in global mean temperature during the early 20th century. True to form, Curry can’t get past the first sentence without telling the kind of whopper which … Continue reading

Judith Curry’s Brain goes on Hiatus

As tempting as it is to tell Judith Curry to “Do the math!” — I don’t think she can handle it. A recent post at WUWT quotes her saying this little gem:

Global Warming: When Judith Curry makes a claim, check for yourself

Climate models do an excellent job reproducing how Earth’s temperature has changed over the last century and more. But when Judith Curry gives one of her interesting presentations, she seems determined to imply that they don’t.

Cherry Cruz Cherry Monckton Cherry Christy Cherry Spencer Cherry Curry

Amid all the brouhaha about Ted Cruz’s insistence that the globe isn’t warming, based on his using satellite data for the lower troposphere (not Earth’s surface), insisting that it’s “the best we’ve got” (it isn’t), and ignoring absolutely all the … Continue reading

Judith Curry responds … sort of (v2)

UPDATE: Sardeshmukh has weighed in on Curry’s blog: The critic of our study is mistaken on all counts. 1) Contrary to his suspicion, we did correctly define the temperature extremes with respect to the same fixed temperature threshold in both … Continue reading

Let them eat curry

It has often been rumored that when Marie Antoinette was told that the people of France faced starvation because they had no bread, she replied “Let them eat cake.” The story isn’t true, but it does encapsulate the kind of … Continue reading

Judith Curry responds … sort of

Let’s be crystal-clear what the issue is. The issue is temperature in the Arctic, not some sector of the Arctic, not some season in the Arctic, and the real issue (the point of dispute) is: temperatures since 2000 compared to … Continue reading

The Rise and Fall of Judith Curry

We’ve been looking closely at the written testimony from Judith Curry before a recent meeting of the Environment and Public Works committee of the U.S. Senate. What we’ve seen so far argues against relying on Curry to give accurate and … Continue reading

(One of) the Problem(s) with Judith Curry

Judith Curry was recently a witness testifying at a hearing before the Environment and Public Works Committee of the U.S. Senate. Her written testimony is available here.

Questions for Judith Curry

I posted a comment at Curry’s blog. Namely this: Tamino | November 1, 2011 at 9:43 am | Reply Judith Curry, you have made the following statements: “Our data show the pause” “There is no scientific basis for saying that … Continue reading