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Sea Level at Wilmington, NC (and other places)

For years, the Dave Burtons and Judith Currys of this world have shown a graph (from NOAA) of sea level measured by a single tide gauge at one location, followed by proclamations of “no acceleration” and/or “sea level rise has … Continue reading

An Honest Appraisal of the Global Temperature Trend

The “Heartland Institute” is hosting their 14th annual “ICCC” convention this weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, to carry on their mission as one of the world’s leading organizations of climate deniers. One of the sessions listed on their schedule for … Continue reading

Ranges Overlap

In the last post I mentioned that when we have two different estimates, each with its own uncertainty range (note: I use the 95% confidence interval almost all the time, or to be precise the ±2σ range), the fact that … Continue reading

Trend: Pat Michaels and Ryan Maue ride the crazy train

A reader asked that I estimate the trend in the JRA-55 data for global temperature, because it is touted by climate deniers Patrick Michaels and Ryan Maue. Let’s have a look. Here’s the data:

A Century and More of Sea Level Acceleration

We have several estimates of global sea level based on tide gauge data, and I’d like to compare four of them. First is the best-known and probably most trusted, from Church & White, which I’ll call CW. Next is one … Continue reading

Climate Deniers: Long-Term Annoyance

Climate deniers Ross McKitrick and John Christy have published an article in the Journal of Hydrology which demostrates to those who know what they’re doing, that McKitrick and Christy don’t. If you really don’t know what you’re doing you might … Continue reading

Wobbly Sea Level Rise: U.S. East Coast (VI)

I’ve been looking more closely at the result from my new alignment method for tide gauge data, applied to the U.S. east coast. In particular, I’ve been studying the data since 1950, which very nearly follows a straight line:

Fooled by Noise

I keep hearing the strangest things from strange quarters. I know global warming didn’t take a “hiatus,” it didn’t “pause,” but some folks keep saying it did. I know Arctic sea ice hasn’t merely declined (dramatically in fact), it’s declining … Continue reading

Judith Curry’s Brain goes on Hiatus

As tempting as it is to tell Judith Curry to “Do the math!” — I don’t think she can handle it. A recent post at WUWT quotes her saying this little gem:

Sea Level on the U.S. East Coast

Lately I’ve been looking closely at sea level time series from the east coast of the U.S. Available stations are marked here with red dots: