In case you’re wondering …

Coronavirus yesterday:


3 responses to “In case you’re wondering …

  1. Seems to me to be a pretty clear red/blue divide, there.

  2. Places with recent surges tend to have hot (and except for Utah, humid) summers. Perhaps people are doing more indoor activities in those states, in air conditioned comfort, to avoid the summer heat.

    In places like Maine, Minnesota, Michigan, and the Dakotas, which currently have the lowest case counts, this is the time of year for outdoor activities.

    OTOH, that could be mere coincidence.

  3. Meanwhile, the Orange One is suggesting his cult supporters are right not trust the government on vaccination.

    Gotta wonder how killing off your supporters can be a winning strategy, but then it does set up the question “why are only Republicans” dying of Covid now” as a right wing talking point.