COVID-19: Failure

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  1. I count the death toll of this failure upwards from February 26th’s “15 within a couple of days it’s gonna to be down close to zero” where the administration was saying it was all under control, not downwards from the worst-case goalposts he later moved towards.

    And never forget to add the 33K+ worth of excess mortality* on top of the rising 140K Coronavirus deaths.

    (*FT has a good graphic of 149,200 excess US deaths on Jun 13 at while says there were 116,081 COVID deaths by then.)

  2. McAllen, TX is now triaging COVID patients. If you have comorbidities, they send you home to die. This is what we’ve come to in the US.

    • Is this before or after the “wallet biopsy”?

      • How much are people paying in the US for a covid hospital stay? Obviously that’s not a thing here in the UK, but I presume you people get a bill (or the insurance company does), which for a week or two in ICU on a respirator is going to sting?

      • That is part of the problem with US healthcare–you can never guess how much it will cost. Some folks have been saddled with hundreds of thousands in medical bills–even with insurance.

      • Wookey, I’m quite sure you are right. The perversion of the healthcare system has been so thorough-going here that if you have a surgery, you are apt to be hit for charges that don’t even exist anywhere else.

        For example, there was a story by an NYT writer some years ago; she spent time comparing surgical costs in the US versus other places. She astounded non-US administrators she spoke with when she asked them about usage fees for the ER. “How are you going to do surgery without an ER?” they asked her, non-plussed.

        Well, obviously you aren’t. And obviously, you have to have the surgery.

        Ergo, you pay. “It’s just good business.” (But bad ethics, and worse public health.)

  3. They are saying that it is solely on the basis of symptoms and comorbidities, but this is America, so I suspect nothing is done without consulting the balance sheet.

  4. Susan Anderson

    Yet another good one.

  5. Susan Anderson

    For a lighthearted but sharp take on all this, skip the first 50 second, and please, do listen!

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    Oh well, overdoing it, yet again:

    • The motto of my lovely wife: “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” That was brilliant

    • Sent the link to my sister. Her comment was “that would be a whole lot funnier if it weren’t so darned accurate.”