Is Florida ready to re-open schools?

(data from Johns Hopkins Univ.)

7 responses to “Is Florida ready to re-open schools?

  1. nice graphic representation. Tells the story quite clearly. Of course, it relies on Johns Hopkins data, so if you don’t trust JH, then this is false news.

    Trump admin is trying to throttle the data gathering as a means of combatting the effects of the pandemic. I wonder if JH data sources can survive the work to obscure the numbers?

  2. Nice graphic, but I believe the title is incorrect. I presume this is “New Cases per day per million” or some such. 40 cases per capita would be pretty bleak.

    Just for clarification, is it correct that the geographic area for a symbol is a county?

    [Response: Yes it’s per million population, and yes it’s by county.]

    • Newsflash: it *is* pretty effing bleak.
      And what’s more, it is the consequence of intentional actions.

      • Yes, but “New Cases per day per capita” is a million times worse than “New Cases per day per million”.

        I’m not minimizing the situation, I’m merely pointing out that the graphic title is incorrect.

      • Sorry Mark, I misunderstood what you were saying.

    • Susan Anderson

      Ah ha! good. And I’m with Jim Eager as well.

  3. Susan Anderson

    Every picture tells a story, don’t it! Very useful graphical representation and addresses a question that has been near the top of my “list”. Thanks!