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  1. Andrew Haines

    An esteemed former US president was known to have a sign on his desk. https://www.trumanlibrary.gov/education/trivia/buck-stops-here-sign The current US President appears to have Dr Fauci in his sights? It seems that for him :”The buck never stops here”?

  2. The Lincoln Project is primarily Republicans. Please work on your Republican friends (if you have any); this ad is for them.

  3. When will this blog return to posts about climate? That’s the main reason I came here; frankly, I’m tired of hearing about Trump regardless of the accuracy your arguments. In other words, yes, your criticisms of Trump, et al. are valid but I enjoyed the blog for it’s climate change coverage.

    [Response: I’m glad you enjoyed the climate coverage. But I’m doing this to get something done. Until we get rid of Trump, we won’t make progress on fighting COVID-19, or on climate either.]

  4. Understood, thanks for the response.

  5. George, as Tamino said, as long as Trump has been in office less than zero progress has been made on addressing climate change, meaning the US hasn’t just stood still, it has actually moved backwards. And that will continue until Trump is removed from office. In other words, like it or not the fact is focusing on getting rid of Trump *is* focusing on moving forward on addressing climate change.

  6. Philippe Chantreau

    Talking about climate, anyone knows why the sea ice extent and concentration maps at NSIDC show a big “No Data” sign?

  7. So many moments in the past 20 years when things could have turned out a little better. Supreme Court selects Bush the dumber to be president over Al Gore. Obama takes over from the Bush dumbshitstorm and governs from the middle with a willingness to compromise from the middle to achieve bipartisan agreements which effectively gives away middle and anything left and then we get this kleptocatic stooge. I hope he is gone and takes a lot of republicans with him so the Dems have an opportunity to govern from left of center. I don’t know if they remember how to govern from left of center, but we can dream and hope for such a thing. But, bottom line, is that it is very late to do much proactive about climate. I think we are on our heels now on climate. I skimmed something today that said methane emissions are soaring. CO2 and the rest, also still on the increase. Covid may teach us that we can afford to do anything we have to do and that lesson would be good to understand if/when the swampthings in the lesser Washington look up and say, uh oh, time to do something about this problem.
    Beautiful day in the other Washington. A lot of solar and heat units raining down on us this week, so my outdoor schedule is pushed to the cool of morning now. Everybody be smart and safe. Stay well. Fauci for president! I would be ok with that.

  8. Nic Lewis may help lead the USA off a cliff, with the aid of folks like USA senator Rand Paul:

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    • Ignorant Gury

      About Sweden and herd immunity: Everyone (well, maybe not exactly everyone but still lots of people) in Sweden know that Sweden is not anywhere near heard immunity and that it’s not a goal to strive for. Unless you can get it from vaccination.