Timeline: Trump’s COVID-19 Response

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  1. Trump: “It’s been an incredible period of time, we’ve done a fantastic job”.
    Yep. The incompetence during this period of time has been unbelievable and the job you did was based on fantasy.
    Keep singing folks: https://youtu.be/-Ue5F57dZMU

  2. livinginabox

    As good as the posted video is, it’s short on detail and hard to search. I suspect the following is more complete and easier to search. I haven’t found any errors. It prove useful to some.
    ‘Blinking Red’: A Running Timeline of How the Trump Administration Ignored Warnings, Misled the Public, and Made the Coronavirus Crisis Worse

  3. Trump is a kleptocrat and buffoon. He is Reagan Squared. The US elections keep falling to these republicans for a variety of reasons: money, the electoral college, vote suppression, gerrymandering, black box voting. It’s hard to watch and difficult to stop. My blue state votes and electors are not in play, but the flyover states keep producing republican electoral victories that don’t reflect the national mood and goals. Volunteer to work on text troops to pull red votes to the blue column if you want to do something smart and effective about this situation. https://www.openprogress.com/text-troop

  4. Trumpy’s COVID-19 response… in numbers

    1. A sort of all states by decreasing deaths per million:

    Belgium 854
    UK 673
    Spain 605
    Italy 579
    Sweden 541
    France 448
    USA 412
    Peru 371
    Chile 371
    Eire 356

    2. 1. A sort of these ten states above, by decreasing cases per million:

    Chile 16761
    USA 10220
    Peru 10154
    Sweden 7412
    Belgium 5480
    Spain 5453
    Eire 5228
    UK 4353
    Italy 4030
    France 2572

    Yeah. That’s Trumpy’s ‘We did a very good job’.

    J.-P. D.

  5. Doesn’t the time he spends playing golf tell you all you need to know about Presdent Donald T Rump? The man has a handicap. Actually he doesn’t admit his golf handicap because he has an underlying handicap which, by its nature, he is also unable to admit to. This underlying handicap is his narcissistic personality disorder and it is ‘underlying’ in that ‘under’ his narcissistic personality disorder he simply cannot stop ‘lying’.

    • And actually, I wish he’d spend more time playing golf. Time he’s actually on the job is time during which things get worse for America–and, often enough, the world in general.

  6. A more nuanced comparison of the American and Swedish approaches:


    It’s notable that new Swedish cases have declined precipitously for the last 3 weeks, from a high of over 1.8k on June 24th to just 34 yesterday:


    Most media here seem not to have picked up on this, and I would be very interested to hear why this has happened. But it’s been recognized by the Germans, who have just lifted their travel ban WRT Sweden:


  7. Andrew Haines

    Somewhat reverting to the Climate Change subject, but with regard to your 45th president. This Australian is reminded of the alternative meaining of the acronym WUWT. Donald does seem rather addicted to the use of Wishful Thinking. washingtonpost.com/video/politics/19-times-trump-said-the-coronavirus-would-go-away/2020/04/30/d2593312-9593-4ec2-aff7-72c1438fca0e_video.html