COVID-19: the Trump plan

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  1. I have donated to The Lincoln Project. I will donate again…and again.

    • Susan Anderson

      Please take a look at this. I have been concerned that people don’t realize that (a) the Lincoln Project is well funded, and (b) the never-Trumpers who are doing it are not necessarily friends of a more progressive society that treats everyone equally. It’s eminently fair, so not a “hit job”. I’ve included a brief quote. I’m a big fan of their ads, but I believe it is important to support other less conspicuous efforts everywhere one can.

      Eiden was torn. On the one hand, work was scarce during the pandemic, and, of course, he abhorred Trump and had been frustrated by the Democrats’ failure to hit back. But, as a dyed-in-the-down Minnesota liberal, he had misgivings about working with what he called “the dark side”—some of the Republican operatives who, by way of rough tactics, had engineered the demise of so many of his favored candidates through the years. Ultimately, though, the enemy-of-my-enemy principle pertained.

      • I was initially pretty dismissive of the Lincoln Project–in part because Lincoln would vomit at being associated with these privileged exploiters and in part because they do not seem to understand that Donald Trump is the inevitable outcome of the inherently anti-democratic, pro-plutocrat philosophy that is the basis for the Republican party. A party whose basic premise benefits only a minority will be forced to make alliances with increasingly loony, single-issue voters until it implodes–and here we are.

        The “remember their names” ad, though made me take them more seriously–not as friends, but as temporary allies. I agree, though, they don’t need our help with funding and donating down-ballot is a better investment in making the US a less failed state.

    • Susan Anderson

      @snarkrates. I don’t disagree. I’ve loved the ads from the beginning, and I approve mightily of people like George Conway. But I really don’t think they need the money as much as downticket races. That’s why I provided a quote from an article that sheds light on the problem, rather than some kind of negativity.

  2. Yep. No wonder more and more Americans are royally pissed off about this.

  3. Susan Anderson

    Here’s another:

    ps. I think The Lincoln Project is pretty well funded. Please donate downticket, particularly in close contests for the Senate.