COVID-19: Hockey Sticks

Hey! Ron DeSantis!! WE TOLD YOU SO.

Yes, we told you before you did it that this would be the result. By “we” I mean the worldwide community of scientists, especially the experts in the fields of epidemiology and medicine, especially the ones who work in the field at places like CDC and Johns Hopkins, especially the nation’s leaders (like Anthony Fauci) and the people who work for your own state’s department of health.

We told you so, you ignored the warnings, went ahead with your re-opening plans, and the result was this:

It vaguely resembles a “hockey stick.”

Hey! Greg Abbott! WE TOLD YOU SO.

It vaguely resembles a “hockey stick.”

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13 responses to “COVID-19: Hockey Sticks

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    Read this, Boris/Dominic.

  2. brettschmidt

    Everything you say is correct, but at least for some extreme right wing neocons who support lifting of social distancing regulations, it’s not that they didn’t know what would happen; it’s that they didn’t and don’t care. Some of the comments I’ve seen online are horrifying; one “lovely” person said that it doesn’t matter if more people die, because the people who would die are “useless” people anyway (his words, not mine), and that the people who are practising social distancing are “sniveling cowards”. Although I live on the opposite side of the world in Australia, it made me sick that anyone could actually think like that. You might be able to persuade naive, but fundamentally decent, people, who honestly, though mistakenly, believed that reopening the economy prematurely would not lead to a sharp increase in the number of cases of, and fatalities from, COVID-19, but trying to reason with people who place no intrinsic value on human life is a complete and utter waste of time. You can’t compromise with falsehood and you can’t compromise with evil.

    • Republican politicians do care. They have always wanted to cut Social Security so that they can give that money to their donors.

      They sure ain’t doing this “opening of the economy” for the economy. It severely hurts the economy to prolong the pandemic, have people sick at home, have people live in fear for their lives and future.

    • Look, it comes down to this. If Don the Con loses in November, then he and many of his cronies are going to jail. The only accomplishments he had were ratf*ckng the judiciary (which only appeals to his base) and record high stock indices and low unemployment, the trends for which he inherited from Obama and were propped up by looting the treasury and giving the money to billionaires.

      Other than that, Darth Cheeto has been a catastrophe for the US in every way that matters. There isn’t a hole dark enough they can throw him and his lackies in.

      • The problem is more than just the Cheeto and his minions (including Darth Mitch); it’s the 1/3 or more of U.S.population who either like fascism, largely out of fear of non-white people, or who simply are banal, as in “Hannah Arendt’s meme.

      • That is precisely why those responsible for destroying American democracy need to be held accountable. We need a national Nuremberg trials where the truth is clearly laid out for all to see. It won’t affect the hardcore racists and Proud Boys. We’ll just have to wait for the world to improve after their funerals and marginalize them in the interim..

      • Since you mentioned Nuremberg, here is something to mull over:
        If you are committed to rule of law, then it applies to everyone imho.

        I don’t like war, war crimes and war criminals. My dislike for these things knows no party and it sometimes gets me in trouble with pragmatists. So, yes. I think the Nuremberg approach is the way to go with war crimes, crimes against nature and crimes against humanity.

  3. In order to pander to religious fundamentalist Creationists, the Republican Party needed to sever ties to things that threaten the “world view” of those who reject actual civilization, such as logic and science.

  4. Susan Anderson

    Don’t forget: Trump retweeted:

    “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

    And those self-identified “Christians” (not real ones, who heed the Jesus of the Gospels, and would put J in Gitmo or some such as a terr’ist Democratic Socialist) who blame victims and think wealth is a sign of god’s favor.

    • Susan Anderson

      Oops, parenthesis reversed meaning, but it should be OK in context if you forgive me for that failure to proof ;)

  5. Andrew Haines

    Another comment from Australia. In our experience there are also “part time Christians”, like our national leader. He is recorded as claiming a recent surprise re-election as a miracle from God (maybe). He has done an excellent job in preventing COVID-19 deaths. Australia, population 26 million. National COVID-19 death count, 104*. (definite. Ceratinly valuing God (and people, his creation) over Mammon/money/the economy). But as the crises wanes he is going back to old self serving ways (definitely not). Certainly not changing his government’s lack of action on Climate Change. Which will likely kill many more people than COVID-19 in the long run…

    (*for comparison. USA pop 331 million, 127 thousand deaths. When the Donald had his photo op outside that church, some of who try to be real Christians feel that he was holding up a bible like a figleaf to cover the nakedness of his policies)