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How Deniers Deny

Kip Hansen is so peeved at the New York Times for their recent article about global warming accelerating, that he posts at WUWT denying any and all acceleration claimed in the article. His “rebuttal” is riddled with mistakes and falsehoods, par for the course at WUWT.

One of the things accelerating which the Times article mentions and Kip Hansen denies, is sea level rise. Let’s look at his approach to sea level rise acceleration, in order to find out how this climate denier manages to deny the undeniable.

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Making “Adjustments” to Temperature Data

Anthony Watts seems proud of himself, having posted his presentation at the recent “anti-climate” conference of the “Heartland Institute.” He talks mainly about the fact that temperature data are often adjusted before including them in forming a global (or regional) average.

He says that the adjustments are the reason for the apparent rise in temperature that has people so worried. He often implies that un-adjusted data are “truth” and that any adjustment is a violation of its sanctity, together with the implication that those who do so are perpetrating a fraud. It’s standard climate denier talk.

Fortunately, people aren’t buying their brand of snake-oil any more. But the subject at hand — making adjustments to temperature data before including it in global/regional averages — deserves interest, mainly because it’s actually interesting.

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The Thermometer is Melting

Ice is one of nature’s thermometers, telling us whether or not the temperature of water is above or below 0°C (32°F). When things get hotter, it melts more and faster; when things cool down, water can freeze and ice accumulate. In general: more heat = less ice; less heat = more ice.

One of the places on Earth we find lots of ice is the sea surface in the Arctic, and when we graph its extent the first thing we notice is the seasonal pattern: in summer/fall there’s more heat, less ice; in winter/spring less heat, more ice.

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Winter is Here

The arrival of December marks the beginning of climatological winter (astronomical/calendrical winter begins Deceber 21st this year). We in the USA have seen some cold winters recently, especially in the northern midsection of the country.

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