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European Heat Waves

Those of us who follow such things, know that Europe has been hit with two killer heat waves since the year 2000. Super-killer heat waves. The first, in 2003, covered much of western Europe and led to about 70,000 deaths due to heat stress. The second, in 2010, hit Russia and killed another 50,000 while destroying a third of Russia’s wheat crop (Russia is one of the largest wheat exporters in the world).

But even those of us who do follow such things, may have missed the fact that Europe has actually had three super-killer heat waves since the year 2000.

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Climate Models

How well have climate models forecast global temperature?

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Global Warming Wages War on Christmas

Apparently global warming is now waging war on Chrismas.

The town of North Pole, Alaska, had to cancel their yearly “Christmas in Ice” celebration. The reason? Not enough ice.

Summer is Coming

Winter is coming to New England, but in Australia, the land down under, December heralds the beginning of summer. As recently as 2013 they suffered through the “angry summer,” bringing Aussies endless problems while breaking the previous continent-wide summer temperature record by a noteable margin. For many Australians, it was a wake-up call.

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Back to Basic Climate Denial

Thomas K. Bjorklund has a post at WUWT which tells us a lot about the level of “science” at that blog.

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“Gagging climate change experts from speaking in the middle of a bushfire disaster is a new low from this government.”

So said Australian Member of Parliament David Shoebridge after bureaucrats attending a climate planning and adaptation conference had been advised not to discuss the relationship between climate change and Australia’s bushfire crisis, the Guardian reports.

Yes, there’s more news of wildfires on the rampage, bringing fear and destruction, made worse by many things including climate change. But the latest isn’t from California; it’s happening in Australia and especially hard hit is the territory of New South Wales. Yes, a lot of things are making wildfire/bushfire worse in California/Australia. Nobody denies that. One of those things is climate change. Those who deny that, are climate deniers.

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Global Temperature Update

Update: This post has changed to correct a mistake I made with the ERA-5 data.

I keep hearing about such-and-such month being the “hottest such-and-such month on record.” October of this year, for example. For data sources like NASA and NOAA in the U.S. and HadCRU in the U.K., the time needed to do the computations (mainly waiting for all the observing stations to report) delayed such announcements until mid-month, but lately I’ve been hearing it early in such-and-such month, often based on announcements from the Copernicus Climate Change group in Europe. I think they base their announcments on the ERA-5 data, a re-analysis data set, which incorporates both observed data and computer simulation.

I looked at the ERA-5 data, which starts in 1979 (probably because that’s when the satellites really kick in). The interesting thing is that it doesn’t just show increase, it shows (statistically significant) acceleration.

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