Secret Agreement lets homebuilders prevent energy efficiency

A fascinating story in the NY Times tells how the National Association of Home Builders got a special deal which guarantees them — the industry supposed to be regulated — 4 out of 11 seats on two committees responsible for updating building codes. They’ve used that power to block almost all progress in energy efficiency for U.S. homes.

Of course they claim the agreement is “appropriate.” Which makes me wonder, if it’s so appropriate, why LIE about it?

The confidential agreement’s existence has long been a subject of speculation among people who work on building codes. When contacted by The Times, the council initially denied having an agreement with homebuilders.

Then, when they had no choice but to omit the truth, why did they withhold the content of the agreement?

It later acknowledged the agreement and defended it as appropriate, while declining to provide a copy.

Of course, they got caught at that too.

When presented with a summary of the agreement from Mr. Ballo, the council confirmed that the summary was accurate.

Here’s a clue for you all: when first they lie about having an agreement, then admit it but say it’s appropriate while keeping it secret, then squirm when it gets out … do not trust them. Replace them.

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One response to “Secret Agreement lets homebuilders prevent energy efficiency

  1. “what’s in it for me” you say? I’ll tell you what’s in it for you, When food gets scarce, you’ll get eaten.