Strike For Climate — Today

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  1. Just been to look at York’s #GlobalClimateStrike. Lots of “System change not climate change” slogans. But what are the systems they want. I prefer something more specific.

    Although enthused by the buzz, I also felt disappointed because we need to be more specific and …

    Change to a system

    … which bans cars
    … with no flying
    … that bans beef
    … that taxes steel
    … that plants trees

    In York, the council have declared a climate emergency but are going along with car friendly developments.

    How can we encourage the strikers to recognise the climate destruction caused by our everyday lives and plan for something better?

    • You don’t get much room on a placard for detailing the system changes needed so it is inevitably a bit ‘slogany’. (I had ‘Give the kids a future – make all buildings passive houses’ on mine, so can I have a specificty smatrie please:-) And I’m just sending in my comments on the supplementary planning doc to the local plan about building standards as the deadline is today! This is the boring work that actually changes what happens on the ground).

      To be fair to the kids, it’s not their job to work out exactly what the solutions look like.

      Everything in your blog post looks pretty sensible to me, but it’s going to be _really_ small writing on a placard. What did you put on yours?

    • Its pretty obvious what the more specific needs to be – a price on carbon emissions. Most everything else will come from this.

  2. I’ve had a climate change analogy in my head for some time now. Climate change is essentially driven by the burning of fossil fuels (oh, there are other things, but that is the big one). Weight gain is essentially driven by eating.

    Right now, our world is like an obese person who wants to lose weight. And they will do anything to achieve this goal – except cut down on their eating.

    I live in Australia, and every time we get a new oil well or a new gas field, there is happiness all around. Because it means money and jobs (and that means re-election of you are a politician). Basically, we are like a hungry fat person who has just seen a piece of cake. Deep down you know that cake is going to make you fat, but you just don’t care, you need to eat it now! After all, heart disease and diabetes might happen sometime in the distant future, but you can be certain the cake will taste good right now.

    The young people involved in the climate strikes, they see the total hypocrisy of those in charge. They know that every new coal mine, oil well or gas field will drive global warming. They know that the people running the show know exactly the same thing. And yet short term expediency wins every time. They’ve probably seen the same thing with their parent’s weight problems – no wonder it drives them crazy.

    If Australia actually wanted to do something about global warming, we’d not allow exploration, and not approve any new mines, or the expansion of any existing ones. It might not be enough, but at least we could say that we’ve stopped lying to ourselves.