Daily Archives: May 11, 2019

Joe Biden’s “I have a plan” climate plan sounds like a loser

When it comes to man-made climate change, there are two kinds of people: those who take it seriously enough, and those who don’t.

Joe Biden says he has a climate plan, but everything I hear about it (from both Joe and his opponents) leads me to believe he’s in the second group: he doesn’t take it seriously enough. Not even close. Anyone who claims we can deal with the problem but avoid a “radical transformation of the economy” is a fool, for two reasons.

First, without a radical transformation of the economy we can’t deal with the problem.

Second, no matter what we do — fight global warming or not — there’s going to be a radical transformation of the economy. If we don’t fight climate change and fight hard, the transformation is going to get ugly.

Sorry, Joe, but when you’re sick, refusing to take your medicine doesn’t work. We don’t need a “middle of the road” plan, and “compromise” is what will kill us.


The U.K. Guardian seems to agree.