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Climate Change: Important thoughts from an insightful thinker


Republican Rape

Climate Change: here’s some fucking Mentos in a bottle of Coca-Cola

I agree with Bill Nye:

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Climate Change: Joe Biden’s plan (that doesn’t exist)

The New York Times reports that I’m not the only one pissed off about Joe Biden’s “plan” to fight climate change. Biden’s campaing is now saying it was misrepresented. Here’s what Joe Biden himself had to say about it:

“I’m proud to have been one of the first to introduce climate change legislation,’’ he said on Twitter. “What I fought for in 1986 is more important than ever — climate change is an existential threat. Now. Today.”

He added: “We need policies that reflect this urgency. I’ll have more specifics on how America can lead on climate in the coming weeks.”

Joe, you just proved that you are clueless about climate change. If you really knew, you would never have to promise “I’ll have more … in the coming weeks.” You don’t even know what your plan is; your political spinmeisters are still putting it together.

Their guiding principle is choosing what will appeal to voters — that’s why they were salivating about catch-phrases like “middle ground” and “blue collar voters.” The guiding principle should be: fighting climate change.

Your attempt to claim you’re a leader on the issue has already backfired. All you showed us is that you are part of the problem. A word to the wise: the political climate has changed. Thanks to politicians (!) like Jay Inslee, Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, thanks to teenagers like Greta Thunberg, Alexandria Villasenor, and Jamie Margoles, you can’t be a serious democratic contender without paying lip service to climate change. So you jumped on the bandwagon, Joe.

You will find that those of us who “get it” about climate change are smart enough to see through your pretense.

Joe Biden’s “I have a plan” climate plan sounds like a loser

When it comes to man-made climate change, there are two kinds of people: those who take it seriously enough, and those who don’t.

Joe Biden says he has a climate plan, but everything I hear about it (from both Joe and his opponents) leads me to believe he’s in the second group: he doesn’t take it seriously enough. Not even close. Anyone who claims we can deal with the problem but avoid a “radical transformation of the economy” is a fool, for two reasons.

First, without a radical transformation of the economy we can’t deal with the problem.

Second, no matter what we do — fight global warming or not — there’s going to be a radical transformation of the economy. If we don’t fight climate change and fight hard, the transformation is going to get ugly.

Sorry, Joe, but when you’re sick, refusing to take your medicine doesn’t work. We don’t need a “middle of the road” plan, and “compromise” is what will kill us.


The U.K. Guardian seems to agree.

Global Warming: Mike Pompeo offers encouraging words to morticians

Mike Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State under Trump, has proclaimed his optimism about man-made climate change. The suggested consequences include:

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When America believes it can do the impossible, we make the impossible inevitable. That’s what the Green New Deal is all about

It’s worth reading the U.K. Guardian. It’s worth supporting them too, if you can.

Climate Change: Republicans go from one LIE to another.

From the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — When John Barrasso, a Republican from oil and uranium-rich Wyoming who has spent years blocking climate change legislation, introduced a bill this year to promote nuclear energy, he added a twist: a desire to tackle global warming.

John Barrasso is a liar.

THIS IS THE NEXT STAGE OF CLIMATE DENIAL. Lying republican politicians telling lies about how they want to combat climate change. It’s all a lie, they’re just trying to avoid the fact that they are to blame for how bad things are already.

Don’t let the liars who made the problem so terrible, have a seat at the table.