He’s nice, and he helps a lot

Look for the helpers. There will always be helpers.

4 responses to “He’s nice, and he helps a lot

  1. Nice to meet you, Mr Rogers.

  2. Thank you. This was worthwhile watching.

  3. Do you have any thoughts or calculations about what Crowther said in the Yahoo article. From the piece:

    It is “feedback loops” like that one that make climate change unpredictable and represent a threat of global warming spiraling out of control.

    “It’s already begun,” Thomas Crowther, professor in the Department of Environmental Systems Science of ETH Zurich, told Yahoo News. “The feedback is in process.”

    Crowther estimates that carbon dioxide and methane emissions from thawing soils are “accelerating climate change about 12 to 15 percent at the moment,” and said past IPCC reports that left out the feedback “were way more optimistic than they should have been.”