Time to Get Real

Do you really believe politics always trumps physics? In the end, I’ve got a feeling it will be the other way around.

5 responses to “Time to Get Real

  1. Fantastic comments on the previous article. Awareness of reality is very much in focus there. We’ve done more damage knowingly than we ever did unknowingly (as David Wallace-Wells puts it). I wish activists well but I think the approach of Extinction Rebellion is what is needed. Start with civil disobedience, disrupt normal activities since normal activities are what got us here.

    Kevin Anderson is one of the few scientists who is trying to tell the real story but it is still not sinking in. I wish more scientists would be less reticent about speaking out.

    [Response: Scientists … we talk about it amongst ourselves. We all fucking know. Many of us are trying to get policy makers to get real, some have been for thirty years. But there is this *tremendous* reluctance to say, in public, in the press, and to the policy makers, just how bad it *really* is. I think it’s time for us to start being more candid and honest, and that means a helluva lot more scary.]

  2. Shout out to all the children protesting today.
    Many thousands have turned out right around New Zealand for what will be one of the biggest global protest events ever seen .
    Give it heaps kids it is your future at risk .
    Today must be just the beginning.

    Greta Thunberg deserves the Nobel. Greta has made a real difference on the world stage …

    [Response: YES!!!]

  3. Below is a comment I posted on my Facebook page about the recent 3 day plus 75° days in Seattle on Monday,Tuesday,and Wednesday 3/18-3/20. Would you be interested in commenting on this as far as how it might reflect the increase in extreme events due to Global Warming and also the probability of breaking an old RECORD by 16°F anywhere in any season like Seattle had on Tuesday (old record was 63F,new record was 79F,which was also an all time March record and an all-time calendar Winter season record. Then that record was tied again the next day.) Thanks for your time. Bob

    My mind is thoroughly blown. To get some idea of how extreme the weather has been here in Seattle the last three days: For 48 hours,all day Tuesday and Wednesday, the temperature at the reporting station at SeaTac Airport DID NOT GO BELOW THE AVERAGE HIGH (!!!) FOR BOTH DATES (54°F using a 1981-2010 baseline). Yesterday’s low was 54F and it wasn’t reached until almost midnight going into Thursday. The low for Tuesday was 59. I do not have data for when it reached 54 on Monday or when it went it went below 54 today,so probably add 15-20 hours to that 48. Two of the days were the last 2 days of Winter and yesterday was the first day of Spring. Oh,and yesterday’s high of 79 broke the old record for the day by 10°F. This is a good example of how Global Warming of the Climate sets up new extremes in weather. I think Tuesday broke the old record by 16°F.

    [Response: That’s certainly unusual weather. But I’m always reluctant to declare “significant” without looking at all the available data. It’s just too easy to come up with anecdotal evidence that sounds convincing. I’m not saying it isn’t significant … just that I’d want to look at the entire record.]

  4. Fair enough. Thank you.