Daily Archives: March 10, 2019

Jay Inslee for President

Fire and flood do not discriminate, they only destroy. Drought does not choose between liberals and conservatives, it only kills crops. Hurricanes don’t target Christians or Moslems or Buddhists or Shintaoists or atheists, they only tear things apart and drown them in the sea.

Too many conservatives refuse to face the problem, and even those who recognize the threat still insist on their God-given right to a coal-fired pickup truck. Too many liberals blame the problem entirely on conservatives, when we too have spent our lifetimes driving cars and flying planes and developing this magnificent internet thing that eats up electricity like nobody ever expected, all the while complaining about climate change and getting nothing done.

What is far too rare is what is most needed: people who get to work on the problem. Make solar panels more efficient. Make ’em cheaper! Get the wind turbines deployed. Move the ball forward on battery efficiency and other energy storage technologies. WORK the problem, people! RESEARCH: full speed ahead. MANUFACTURING: full speed ahead. DEPLOYMENT: full speed ahead. When we do that, watch the ECONOMY and JOBS go full speed ahead. How can we make this happen?

LEADERSHIP: full speed ahead. Jay Inslee