Super-Heroes Young and Old


9 responses to “Super-Heroes Young and Old

  1. Jane Goodall became rather a disappointment to environmentalists in the UK this week, when she appeared in an advert for British Airways. I guess she’s just not joining the dots.

    [Response: Her life’s work, both as a scientist and as an environmentalist, is a magnificent thing to behold. She is an inspiration to me, and to many others.

    You want to help Jane Goodall connect the dots about air travel and climate impacts? Great idea. Pissing on my tribute to her … not a good start.]

  2. The passing of the guard! Two outstanding women!!

  3. In my grandmother’s days, they used to spank brats. These days brats lead the pack.

  4. So much life, warmth and wisdom in their expressions. Great photo.

  5. I try not to have heroes but Jane Goodall has cose to that status for me for over 30 years. Amazing woman. The young one has made a pretty good start too.