Talk About It

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  1. you don’t have to be a liberal tree-hugger to care about climate change. she knows, she’s a scientist. I am not a big Hayhoe fan, but I appreciate that she may be able to sway populations with whom I have little or no contact (you know, as a liberal tree-hugger type, right?)

  2. “Make it in Massachusetts”

    HOUSE SPEAKER ROBERT DELEO proposed a sweeping $1 billion environmental grant program Friday that, over the next decade, would fund municipal efforts to build renewable-energy infrastructure and invest in climate resiliency programs.

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    This is a big deal. Nothing in Massachusetts gets done without the approval of Speaker DeLeo, and, if he backs something, it is almost impossible to stop it.

  3. We should speak to people about this issue and arrange discussions on it. We should involve all people who are not indifferent to things going on with our climate. It’s necessary to review various points of view, share information and compare and analyse this data together. We shouldn’t think there are people who we can talk to and the ones who we can’t talk to. Climate change is a common problem of all people and we should be solving it together. We shouldn’t allow anyone divide us in this critical survival issue, we should get rid of conventions and bias and sit down for the talks to develop understanding and solutions for this problem. In this project –, based on the common human values guys are trying to follow climatic changes, discuss this issue with scientists and unite people in this issue.