They can’t stop us. There’s too many of us.

One response to “They can’t stop us. There’s too many of us.

  1. Young people haven’t had time to develop vested personal interests (usually economic and property based) that tend afflict most adults over time. So, they tend to be more honest about what the realities of life are showing them. If they learn in school about the basics of the climate crisis and the repercussions of various actions or inactions taken taken by the global society, they immediately jump to the conclusions of what must be done with no sugar-coating involved and without the baggage acquired by most adults. And so we have someone like Greta telling adults on a world stage telling the adults in the room what they refuse to contemplate because it steps on too many toes that have calcified into positions that can’t imagine a world without all the trappings of human “progress” as defined by the civilization which has evolved over the past 10,000 years of the relatively benign Holocene. Most adults can’t imagine that maybe we’ve been on the wrong path during all this time and that the world we have created will lead to our destruction. But kids see right through that since they haven’t had enough time and world experience to become brainwashed into thinking that way, and there definitely are too many of them to ignore!!