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In the News

Some things I’ve noticed in the news:

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Global Warming: Denial is Depraved

Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman has an opinion in the New York Times about denialists, aka deniers, those who deny global warming’s reality, its cause (us), or its danger. What he calls them is: depraved.

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Global Warming: Good Video

Temperature, Rainfall, and California Wildfire

We regularly hear opinions from pundits who are very good at making nonsense sound plausible, even clever. It’s still nonsense of course, but with the right window dressing it looks very sharp indeed. Such are those claiming that the increase of wildfire in California has nothing to do with climate change, and maybe even nothing to do with how much rainfall the state gets.

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Trump Insults while California Burns

The LA Times reports that people in California, and especially firefighters, are angry at Donald Trump’s stunning display of both stupidity and insensitivity in response to the deadly fires raging through their state.

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Not Rocket Science

Mike Mann has important things to say, and says them well, in an op-ed for The Washington Post.

The 5 Most Important Data Sets of Climate Science

Back in July of 2008 Stefan Rahmstorf gave a presentation to the Arctic Expedition for Climate Action about “The 5 Most Important Data Sets of Climate Science.” You might disagree with his choice of “5 most important,” I might disagree myself, but they’re all certainly quite important. Of course, that was ten years ago; one might wonder, how have those data sets changed in the decade since?

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