Who will Suffer Most from Global Warming?


Youngsters. Youth. Young adults, teens, tweens, even younger. My generation will suffer too, but as bad as it gets for us it’ll be far worse for them. And they’ll suffer the consequences longer than we will.

But they’re not going to go down without a fight. A youth group recently filed a petition in Maine to force the Department of Environmental Protection to protect the environment. Because they garnered enough signatures from registered voters, they forced a hearing on the topic and public comments are now part of the public record. I listened to it all, including farmers who complain that changes to the water cycle make rain unpredictable and farming harder, and fishermen who are witnessing firsthand the decay of our seafood industry.

But it was the testimony of the kids that was heart-rending. They’re concerned. They’re worried. They’re scared. Not without reason.

There’s another group of kids who are organizing a march on Washington D.C.


I urge everyone to help them, in every way possible. We need to kick the politicians who care more about campaign contributions than about protecting our future. Those kids are our future.

Chief Seattle said that we don’t inherit the earth from our fathers, we borrow it from our children. If ever there was a reason to act, it’s now.


5 responses to “Who will Suffer Most from Global Warming?

  1. Yep. Climate change is a Ponzi scheme, in which the old steal from the young, and the rich from the poor.

  2. “But it was the testimony of the kids that was heart-rending. They’re concerned. They’re worried. They’re scared. ”
    They’re also scared of the bogeyman.
    Not because there is a bogeyman, but because some adults scare them with that “imaginary evil spirit, used to frighten children”

    [Response: The teenagers who testified don’t buy that bogeyman bullshit. They’re too smart for that.

    For you to belittle their fears by dismissing them as no smarter than infants, shows just how low a person can go. You make it clear that not only are the kids smarter than you are, they have way more class too.]

  3. @Jeff…

    Wow! Very good examples of denial and projection! Worthy of inclusion in an abnormal psych text.

  4. Jeff raises a very valid point. There are a bunch of people in the US who are scared of the bogeyman – well, multiple bogeymen.

    They’re told to fear a sneaky Global Government, to watch out for people out to Purposely Ruin Our Economy While Taking Freedom Away. They invent the Totally Massive Global Top Secret Fake Science Conspiracy. Blue Helmets Headed Our Way..(bogeymen have long names).. A set of pretend monsters that just happen to make it easier for some businesses to profit handsomely from business as usual, while hiding impacts on the taxpayers. All this horror started, I assume, by noted world-government-creator and America-hater, Joseph Fourier, in the 1820s.

    But these teens aren’t fooled. Maybe they don’t read the Wall Street Journal op-eds or binge-watch Fox.