Make America Great Again

Mother is the name for God in the mind of a child.

When mother and child come here because they hope for a good life in a great nation, not only will we not let them in, we will separate mother and child.

Is that how you make America great again?

13 responses to “Make America Great Again

  1. Trump’s Appalling New Border Policy Basically Came From Australia, And We Should Be Ashamed

  2. Anti-God is often named Fascism. America has a strong thread of fascist-like nativism, no-nothingism, and general stupidity. Being under the age of 120, it is difficult to know if our nation’s current fascist trend is the worst yet, but it certainly doesn’t feel very good. The fact that Trump’s approval rating is over 40% and moving up is also a bad sign. Among others. (

  3. Good on you for speaking out. It is horrific what has become of the USA in the last 500+ days. Fascism needs to be met with stern resolve from day 1 and well before the growing fear and division among the people is amplifying it beyond repair as happened in 1933 in Germany. I think the decent majority of the USA will end this nightmare soon. Enough is enough! The USA and the World should not tolerate this man and his henchmen any longer.

  4. MAPS. Make Amerika a Pariah State. My first geology job was in Canada. Maybe I should have stayed?

  5. I’ve almost finished Chernow’s biography of Hamilton. I’ve been listening in the car rather than listening to the news. It has substantially improved my mood by allowing me to concentrate on past follies and cruelties rather than present ones.

    If you are planning on reading this book… Spoiler alert: We have never been that smart. Even our geniuses have always been capable of the grossest stupidity and self deception. And President Goodbrain ain’t no genius.

  6. We’ve got to put those toddlers in cages–doncha know, they’re murders, rapists, and gang members.

  7. Great news–Trump has signed an executive order banning this practice. Of course, there are numerous caveats to this, which I won’t go into here. But there is at least reason to hope that thousands of very young lives will now be spared a trauma which is horrible at best and permanently debilitating at worst. It’s also encouraging that America apparently retains some shreds of collective decency, with people across the political spectrum speaking up to denounce this egregious evil.

    I’ve blogged about the situation here (including the full text of the EO.)

  8. Trump : ‘You are worse than I am’
    Australia’s hard line on asylum seekers echoes around the world