Killer Storms get Stronger

A post at RealClimate is a must-read. It addresses the impact of man-made climate change on tropical storms; it’s still hotly debated whether or not they’ll become more numerous, but the evidence they will becom stronger — that they already have, in fact — has tipped the scales. Since not just wind, but flood is on the increase, adding to the already-huge problems caused by sea level rise, the time to face this problem is now.


2 responses to “Killer Storms get Stronger

  1. One nit-pick:

    …the time to face this problem is now.

    The time to face this problem was 20-30 years ago, and the time to seriously scramble was 10 years ago. Now we should be going into a war footing, but even that looks unlikely for at least another decade.

    The only thing that we have any control over on the centential scale going forward is whether we have most or all of our teeth knocked out.

  2. Exactly right, Bernard. We are going to test the consequences of too little, too late.