Daily Archives: May 8, 2018

Sea Level Change on the U.S. East Coast, part 2

A tide gauge doesn’t measure the height of the sea surface; rather it measures the difference between the height of the sea and the that of the land. Thus is it sensitive to changes in sea surface height (SSH), and to vertical land movement (VLM) as well.

In the previous post I took sea level data from tide gauges on the east coast of the U.S., and computed a composite sea level record for each of four regions: New England, the northern mid-Atlantic, the southern mid-Atlantic, and Florida. Now that PSMSL (the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level) has updated their database to include the latest complete year I recomputed my composites, using the data as is (not removing those periodic fluctuations I discussed previously, but yes removing the yearly cycle of the seasons by using anomaly values). And here are the regional time series, offset to make them easier to see:

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