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Sea Level on the U.S. East Coast

Lately I’ve been looking closely at sea level time series from the east coast of the U.S. Available stations are marked here with red dots:

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It’s real, it’s us, the risks are serious, and the window of time to prevent widespread dangerous impacts is closing fast.

WGBH Boston has produced an outstanding episode of NOVA about climate change. It’s realistic, it doesn’t give “equal time to idiots,” and it highlights the prospect of realistic solutions without soft-pedalling the problems. Definitely worth a watch.

This post’s title is a quote from Katharine Hayhoe, which is included in the show.

How Climate Deniers can “Hide the Incline”

Most of us have seen graphs of global temperature anomaly, like this one using data from NASA:

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Recent Sea Level Change

NOAA provides an excellent website for acquiring and examining sea level data from tide gauges. It includes maps with which one can select individual stations, but which also show the rate of sea level rise based on fitting a linear trend to all the available data. Here’s their map, zoomed in on the USA:

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