Daily Archives: February 15, 2018

New Blog

I’ve launched a new blog. I’m not abandoning this one, just starting another.


The “YES” stands for “Youth Education in Science” because it’s about educating youth (including youthful 100-year-olds if they wish) about the science.

I can use help, in many ways. One is to visit the blog and drive up traffic. That’s an odd request because at the moment there’s only one post and it’s just a “welcome” — no science yet.

Another is to participate in comment threads. Answer questions. There’s quite a bit of knowledge among regular readers here, share it with others. Do be advised that the standard for civil discussion will be unbelievably high.

I will also, eventually, welcome guest posts. There’s certainly no hurry … I haven’t even made a scientific post myself yet.

And, anything you can do to spread the word will help.

As usual, donations to this blog will also help. I’ve decided not to solicit donations on the ClimateYES blog, I just want to keep it informative.

As I say, no need to hurry. But … think about it.

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