What Donald Trump will Never Understand

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  1. Like most of us, I wasn’t alive then. My mother was, and she occasionally mentioned how her friends of Japanese ancestry were bundled off to the sticks, losing all their possessions. She never forgave nor trusted the government after that.

  2. Andy Lee Robinson

    Very powerful talk. If nobody tears up from this, then they are not human.

  3. We visited Manzanar a few years ago. There’s hardly anything there from the original camp. Except a few graves. Baby Jerry Ogata. There’s a new building with a photographic exhibit if you want to see what it was like. While we looking at the pictures, there was a group of Japanese gathered around an aged Japanese man. He was able to pick himself out of one of the pictures of the camp baseball team.

    As a testament to the injustice, the camp was being disassembled as the prisoners were in the process of leaving.

  4. Given the title, “What Donald Trump Will Never Understand,” I was expecting a much, much longer post.